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It has been said that an act of conservation is never be made too early for we never know when it is too late.  It is with this principle and sense of urgency that Green Fence® adopted its primary mission: to apply our resources and energies to the direct acquisition of habitat.  It does not stop there.  We then vigilantly guard that habitat and prevent any unnatural disturbance of the land, water, or air by prohibiting actions such as commercial development, drilling, and mining.

We cannot rely solely on the government to protect our natural heritage.  Conservation-related government agencies are stretched too thin and remain susceptible to the shifting priorities of politics.  Private charities are stepping in to fill this void, and the majority of conservation in the future will be accomplished not by government entities but instead by private organizations, such as Green Fence.

A few simple facts illustrate the point.  The United States Park Service currently encompasses approximately 84 million acres.1 In the year 2000 the total acres protected in the United States by private land trusts was approximately 24 million, and by 2010 that figure had jumped to 47 million.2  In terms of acreage, private organizations will in the foreseeable future eclipse government entities as the largest positive force for conservation. 

Green Fence is proud to be a part of this great, private conservation effort.  But we can not do it alone.  For those who are able to donate in terms of financial contributions or land, I thank you. 

Please help and support our mission by joining our Facebook and Twitter pages.  By doing so you will be connected to the latest news and you will immediately make a difference as the display of support advances awareness of our organization and its cause. 

While the threats facing our planet may be great, it is important to not lose sight of the fact that all human-caused problems have human-based solutions.  Green Fence is part of the solution and with your help we can ensure that future generations will enjoy the beauty and wonder of nature. 

Please contact us if you have any questions, need assistance with land donations, or would like to learn more about our organization.  We would love to hear from you.

                    ~ Nathan G. Zaleski, President



1 source:  National Park Service

source: National Land Trust Census Report

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“An act of conservation is never made too early for we never know when it is too late.”

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